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Your hybrid service organization providing hands-on support for your daily operations.

Benefit from a best-in-class organization, flexible as managed service focusing on non-core business functions to ensure efficiency and continuity in your daily business activities.

Your operations manager

Employee on-/offboarding & training

Optimize your team’s transitions with our operations manager – your dedicated system PowerUser. From employee onboarding to offboarding, we ensure a seamless process. Moreover, we provide comprehensive training to empower your team with essential practice and knowledge.

System configurations & testing

Elevate your core systems to optimal performance. Our operations manager, your PowerUser, performs configurations, conducts rigorous testing, and ensures quality and personalization, enhancing effectivity and minimizing disruptions.

Issue resolution & business analysis

Bring action into your daily operations with our operations manager – your go-to expert for analyzing and addressing new business and IT requirements. From internal to external issues, our manager analyses and seamlessly coordinates with stakeholders, bridging the gap between business and IT and ensures successful resolution.

Client reports & management fees

Delegate the generation and quality assurance of client reports and management fees calculations to our operations manager. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure accuracy, compliance, and professionalism in all client-facing documentation, strengthening your client relationships.

Organization & supporting tools

Support organization & experts at hand

Maximize responsiveness with our professional support organization, providing comprehensive assistance to our operations manager. Benefit from on-demand subject matter experts in operations and technology, ensuring the right skills precisely when needed.

Tracking of support tickets

Gain transparency into open issues across diverse topics, tools and providers, ensuring efficient resolution through our best-in-class ticketing system. Reclaim oversight and control, minimizing operational risks and speeding up resolution time.

Documentation of key processes

Enhance operational efficiency and ensure seamless business continuity through our meticulous process documentation. We digitally document and update key processes on our knowledge base, offering your team, new hires and auditor up-to-date documentation for onboarding, training, and compliance purposes.

Knowledge base for core apps

Access a wealth of information in our knowledge base, curated specifically for your organization. This resource offers valuable insights, best practices and manuals on core apps shared across the community.

How this creates value

  • Single Point of Contact for operations and technology
  • Overview and transparency on pending issues and requirements
  • Minimizing operational risk and possible down-time
  • Increase operational and process compliance
  • Time saving for relationship and portfolio manager

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Dimitri Petruschenko