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Your hybrid operations deputy solution for business continuity and risk management as a second line of defence.

Benefit from a deputy solution for your operation tailored to your business, to provide continuity, second opinions and minimize operational risks when it’s most critical.

Your deputy COO

Second line of defence

Ensure continuity in business operations even when your COO is absent. Our Deputy COO service steps in as a second line of defence, providing continuity being well familiar with your organization, and safeguarding critical operational matters with internal and external stakeholders.

Four eyes principle

Enhance your responsiveness and business resilience by applying four eyes principle with our deputy COO, experienced in operational risk and critical decisions such as IT contracting, system outages or cyber incidents.

Sparring partner & challenger

Empower your business with the strategic support of a deputy COO. Acting as a sparring partner, we offer a fresh, outside perspective to your management team, supporting your decision-making process.

Peer insights

Get inspired by best practices of your peer group and apply what works best. Our deputy COO offers insights to pragmatic solutions for common challenges. The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented.

Organization & supporting tools

Support organization & experts at hand

A professional support organization provides comprehensive assistance to our operations manager, with subject matter experts that cover various topics within operations & technology bringing the right skill when it is needed.

Tracking of support tickets

Experience transparency of open issues across topics, tools and providers and an efficient resolution with our best-in-class ticketing system, bringing back oversight and control to your organization and reducing operational risks.

Documentation of key processes

Increase operational efficiency and business continuity with process documentation. We document and update key processes digitally on our knowledge base, providing your team, new employees, and auditors at all times with reliable references for onboarding, training and compliance purposes.

Knowledge base for core apps

Access a wealth of information in our knowledge base, curated specifically for your organization. This resource offers valuable insights, best practices and manuals on core applications shared across the community.

How this creates value

  • Increased business continuity and deputy management
  • Improved quality of decisions and controls
  • Minimizing operational risk and possible down-time
  • Ensure operational and process compliance
  • Time saving for audits

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Dimitri Petruschenko