About EAM.Technology

We enable Wealth and Asset Managers to leverage the high potential of technology and create sustainable value through the digital transformation

Our values


Independence is at our core; it defines our commitment to providing services that are solely in your best interest, free from any covert influences.


In a dynamic world, our commitment endures. We’re your dedicated partner, guiding you through digital transformation and handling your operations.


Our commitment to effectivity means we focus on the right problems, taking impactful actions to deliver solutions that truly matter.

Our story


At the inception of our company, our co-founders, each bringing a wealth of experience and a complementary background, envisioned a future where wealth and asset managers could leverage the high potential of technology to create sustainable value for their businesses. This marked the start of our journey to transform the industry through innovation and efficiency.


Launch of our PMS & CRM offering aimed at enabling a successful assessment, evaluation, and implementation process for our clients. Simultaneously, we introduced ‘Operations as a Service’, a groundbreaking initiative that streamlines and enhances operational efficiency in a transforming digital world.


Capital increase and transforming into a limited liability company with a Board of Directors. We welcomed Fabio Casati, a seasoned professional, as a strategic advisor and Board Member, adding invaluable expertise to our team. We also launched a nationwide study on operational efficiency among wealth managers, custodian banks and technology providers to foster collaboration and evolution of the industry.