Services Ex Ante 360 Assessment

Your journey begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current state, ensuring well-informed strategic decisions before any actions.

Gain confidence for your operational objectives and transformation path through our Ex Ante 360 assessment led by our experts. We bring key issues to light, identify opportunities, and conclude into specific actionable recommendations for your next steps.

Ex Ante 360 Assessment

Operational goals & technology strategy

Define and align your operational goals and technology strategy based on your business strategy. Our Ex Ante 360 assessment ensures a clear operational strategy, enabling founded decisions for solutions and providers. Whether maintaining or scaling your business, we enhance well-founded investment decisions into technology.

Current pain points & complexity level

Recognizing your current challenges and grasping the intricacies of your business and organization are crucial. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always the answer. Therefore, our Ex Ante 360 assessment aims to really understand your company’s DNA before suggesting any approach and solution.

Costs benchmarking & savings potential

Discover the path to a more efficient and cost-effective operating model by evaluating your current cost structure. We meticulously analyze and benchmark your existing cost base, offering valuable insights and identifying opportunities for savings, while aiming at professionalizing your organization.

Recommended approach & solution

The concluding step of our 360 assessment involves proposing a practical yet forward-looking approach. We align your business strategy with operational goals, providing a clear implementation plan. This includes a personalized technology roadmap, budget considerations, and actionable next steps, guiding you toward a future-proof transformation.

Possible next steps on your journey

PMS & CRM System

  • Requirements specification & tendering
  • Vendor evaluation & contract negotiation
  • Data analysis & migration support
  • Project management & controlling

Operations as a Service

  • Staff on-/offboarding & training
  • System configurations & testing
  • Client reports & management fees
  • Support organization & analysis by experts
  • Process documentation & Knowledge base

Custom requirements

  • Deep dive analysis of pain points
  • Custom solution design
  • Requirements specification & tendering
  • Vendors evaluation & negotiation
  • Project management & controlling

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