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Wise decisions and careful implementation, so your organization benefits of the new PMS & CRM

Experience a guided journey in evaluating and implementing your Portfolio Management and Client Relationship Management (PMS & CRM) system with our modular approach. We coordinate stakeholders, lead the implementation, troubleshoot, and empower users, ensuring the realization of your business goals.


Requirements specification

We work closely with your team to refine and structure requirements, ensuring that they align perfectly with your business objectives. This step is crucial in laying a solid foundation for the selection and implementation of your PMS & CRM system.

Vendor evaluation and selection

We conduct a thorough evaluation of relevant vendors, considering factors such as reliability, functionality, and scalability. Our goal is to identify the vendor that best aligns with your specific needs and long-term goals.

Tendering process

We lead you through the complexities of the tendering process, ensuring that it is transparent, fair, and aligned with industry best practices. Our meticulous approach helps create a conducive environment for competitive bids.

Decision-making basis

Empower your decision-making with a solid foundation. We develop a comprehensive decision-making basis that includes vendor evaluations, cost considerations, and alignment with your strategic objectives. This robust basis ensures informed and strategic decision-making.


Project Management & controlling

We take control of the entire implementation process by managing the project, ensuring that each step aligns seamlessly with your predefined goals. Our methodical approach guarantees a controlled and efficient implementation.

Client representation

Along an implementation crucial moments arise where direction is required. We represent your interests on the day to day of the project and in critical moments to make sure the result is according to the agreement.

Go-live and acceptance process

Specially in the final phase of the project, before and during go-live as well as after in the acceptance process, many critical points arise that need to be carefully analyzed and compared to the initial requirements before final acceptance. We manage and monitor this pivotal process on your behalf.

Satisfaction review

After go-live and during the following months, issues and new requirements might arise that demand adjustments. Therefore we condict a satisfaction review to assess any possible adjustments required.

How this creates value

  • Time saving for relationship and portfolio manager
  • Increased efficiency and transparency on the project
  • Minimizing project risk and possible delays
  • Sparring partner for management
  • Success factors and best practices

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Dimitri Petruschenko

What our clients say about us

  • We highly appreciate the collaboration with EAM.Technology, which actively supported us from the evaluation to the implementation of our new portfolio management system. The team very well understood our needs. With the help of EAM.Technology, we got a smooth contract negotiation, high level of operational relief as well as crucial representation of our interests towards the vendor during the project. With its expertise and experience in project management, the team made a significant contribution to the success of the project.

    Patrick Niggli, Chairman & CEO at Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG
  • We are very pleased with the professional support provided by EAM.Technology in the evaluation and implementation of our Portfolio Management System. The team has very well understood our requirements and concerns and has actively represented our interests throughout the entire implementation project. The project management has been particularly valuable bringing considerable operational relief throughout the project and has much contributed to actively manage project risks. We are grateful for EAM.Technology’s excellent work and can gladly recommend them.

    Nico Hollenstein, Partner at Lakefield Wealth Management AG