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Precision in every detail with our meticulous data management approach, ensuring quality control, enrichment, and effective data handling for optimal results.

Designed specifically for independent wealth managers, trustees, fund managers, and family offices, our top-tier shadow accounting service offers tailored back-office solutions for your present or future portfolio management systems.

The challenges with data


Inconsistent data quality

Inconsistent data quality standards across various sources, including banks, present a significant challenge to accurate asset allocation and performance calculation. These inconsistencies require extensive troubleshooting in day-to-day operations, consuming valuable time and resources.


Performance calculation

Diverse security valuation rates and inaccuracies in recording corporate actions, cash flows, and asset values pose significant challenges in performance calculation and risk assessment. The related booking and reconciliation processes not only consume time and resources but also introduce the risk of errors.


Client reporting

Differing naming and formatting conventions for identical securities, coupled with the correct handling of non-bankable assets and private equity structures, introduce difficulties in meeting unique reporting needs and preferences. Adjusting securities universe categorization to align with individual requirements, consumes additional time ahead of reporting.

Tailored precision

Data quality control

Enhance your data management with our Data Quality Control service. As varying data quality standards pose ongoing challenges, our rigorous quality control service not only enhances accuracy but also proactively addresses potential issues through engaging in troubleshooting. Additionally, our robust document archiving solution ensures a secure and organized data repository.

Securities customization

Harmonize your securities universe with our customization service. Tailor and align your securities universe with your unique preferences and enhance the overall efficiency of your portfolio management. After deeply understanding and clarifying your individual needs, we define a flexible framework for applying categorization and formatting rules, using customizable parameters for a complete control over your securities data.

Efficient back-office solutions

Transaction management

Benefit from operational relief in booking and reconciliation with efficiency gains and risk reduction. We meticulously reconcile positions and balances on a daily basis using automated interfaces, ensuring accuracy on time. In situations where an automated interface is unavailable, we maintain the same meticulous standards for monthly reconciliation, utilizing manual input from bank documents.

Special cases handling

Facilitate the handling of special cases. We ensure precise reflections of corporate actions, capital flows, and delivered values – essential for accurate performance insights. Additionally, benefit from our expertise in handling non-bankable assets and navigating complex private equity structures for a streamlined total wealth reporting.

How this creates value

  • Uniformity in data and securities naming conventions
  • Adjusted performance calculation
  • Reduction of risk and data errors
  • Time saving in back-office management and reconciliation

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